If My Love was a Deck of Cards…


So, I’m a Pinterest fanatic! I have the app on my phone and that’s all I look through when I’m bored inbetween classes. I love looking at the different quotes and DIY projects people come up with! This is one I found particularly charming and had bookmarked for a while before I actually got around to putting it together. It’s a deck of cards that are hole punched and on them you put “52 Reasons I Love You” or if you’re just not there yet “52 Reasons I Like You” or hey, Thanksgiving’s around the corner so maybe “52 Reasons I’m Thankful for You”! 

I bought the pack of cards for 99 cents at Walmart, and I made the template myself in Microsoft Word. I found a couple sites that were selling templates, and although they were insanely adorable, I just couldn’t get myself to shell out the $5-$10 they were asking for something I was pretty confident I could make myself. I’m not a tech expert, but I do know how to insert a chart in my Word Document! (Send me a message if you would like some help). I really enjoyed making this though, and I sent it off in my boyfriend’s last care package. He said it was his favorite thing I’d made him so far, and that he likes that he can go through them when he’s missing me. (What girl wouldn’t wanna hear that?) He was also shocked that I had came up with 52 reasons I loved him! Which brings me to my next order of business…

How do you come up with 52 reasons you love someone? I mean I freakin love James but at first I had a really hard time transferring that love to short little phrases that would fit onto a playing card! My advice would be to just not over think it. What do you love about them? Do they smell nice? Do they have a nice tushy? Do they sing when they’re in the shower? I’ll list the ones that I put for James, I’m quite proud of them!!

  1. You have amazing blue eyes
  2. You always make me smile
  3. You always make me laugh
  4. You see the best in me
  5. You accept me for who I am
  6. You make the craziest faces..
  7. ..and them make me want to kiss you!
  8. You make my days brighter
  9. You’re an amazing dad
  10. You send me random I love you texts
  11. You push me to do my best
  12. You didn’t forget my birthday
  13. You’re always patient with me
  14. You’ll always sing for me
  15. We love the same candy!
  16. Chips & Ketchup…enough said
  17. You accept my love for USC
  18. We both love Big Bang Theory
  19. You don’t think I’m weird
  20. You make me feel safe
  21. You listen to my stupid stories
  22. You always tell me goodnight
  23. You’re always there when I need you
  24. You like my crazy bedhead!
  25. You always calm me down
  26. You’re not afraid to dance in Walmart with me
  27. We can share an Arnold Palmer
  28. You stare at me..
  29. You can finish my sentences
  30. Our midnight Skype dates
  31. How you’re the perfect height
  32. You’re loyal
  33. You’re 100% honest
  34. How we can talk about videogames
  35. How we debate politics
  36. You’re SMEXY!
  37. How you blow me kisses! MWAH!
  38. When you look so serious
  39. How we can talk for hours!
  40. How excited you got over your nerf gun
  41. You give me butterflies
  42. How stubborn you are
  43. How you get so curious
  44. You accept that I’m a klutz
  45. How you keep your promises
  46. The songs that remind me of you
  47. Your sexy tush!
  48. How you give me chills
  49. You take time just to say Hi!
  50. We’re the same kind of wierd
  51. You make me laugh until I cry
  52. Simply because you are you!

Hope some of those will get your ideas pumping!!



10 thoughts on “If My Love was a Deck of Cards…

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    • Thanks! It was a little tricky at first, coming up with them, but once you get started it’s actually pretty easy 🙂 I wrote these while I was watching The Notebook…that may have helped! lol

    • Hey Natalie!! I made the chart 6 across and 3 down, then I right clicked and did the “distribute rows and columns evenly”. If you would like, I can email you my file so you can just plug your reasons in!

      • Is there any way you could email me your file by chance?! I love the idea, but am driving myself crazy coming up with a template! I am going to give it to my husband the day of our wedding!

  2. Hi, Love your cards…I am trying to make this too. I agree I don’t want to shell out for the template but an in no way too computer savy – can you help out with the template? Thanks

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