Deployment: 1 Care Package at a Time #2


Welcome back to the care package extravaganza!!

Soo I promised myself I would only post once a day, but I kinda felt like I cheated with my first post since I didn’t actually make it…and to be honest..I’m in the library trying to distract myself from being productive, so care package post it is!!

This care package was very important to me because I’ve made it my mission to give my soldier a holiday season if it kills me! I am determined!! So Halloween is the kick off event for that said holiday season! I know I’m a little late on posting something Halloween themed, so I’m sorry for those of you that are ghost, zombie, witch, and pumpkin-ed out..honestly, I truly am!

So inside the box is:

  • Halloween Oreos
  • 2 bowls of Campbell tomato soup
  • Goldfish (he eats them with his soup)
  • 3 $5 DVDS ( 2 horror movies & 1 ScoobyDoo Mystery)
  • Whistle Bullets for his nerf gun
  • Halloween Candy (For Him)
  • Halloween Candy (Split into 4 goodie bags for his roommates)
  • A Halloween Mask
  • 2 Glow in the Dark Swords (99 cents)
  • His “52 reasons I love you cards” <–click for more info
  • A Halloween Card that says something like “I wish I knew a Halloween trick that could make me appear on your doorstep”
  • Sunglasses Holder thingy he asked for

To decorate the box I used some rustic patterned grey and black scrap-booking paper on the flaps. Then I took some Caution tape I picked up from Walmart (very affordable), and taped it diagonally across three of the flaps. Then I purchased a bloody hand print sticker that is supposed to be put on a window (whoops). I placed the hand and then used some of the extra drips that came with it to accents some newspaper letter stickers I already had in my sticker collection. I looked up cute little Halloween sayings and settled on the “Come in for a Bite”. I thought it turned out pretty cute!!


6 thoughts on “Deployment: 1 Care Package at a Time #2

  1. Just had to say that this is such a cute idea!
    I’m so going to make something like this for my husband and put it in his work bag during a weekday to help beat the daily grind. (But really, I just wish someone would make one for me!)

  2. Thank you!! And that would be so cute if you just slipped it in his bag when he wasn’t looking! My friend the other day was telling me that I was lucky that I got to do these kinds of romantic things since my boyfriend was deployed…I asked her why she couldn’t didn’t just give her boyfriend something similar? No man I know is going to turn down a box full of mainly candy!! (And I totally want someone to make me one of these too!!)

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