Lovely Letter Lingo

Name letters I made with my cousin over the summer when my niece & nephew were moving into their new house.

I love making things for my niece and nephew!! My cousin (their mother) runs a daycare in her house, and I usually spend my summers up there, helping out and spending quality time with them. I miss them so much when I don’t get to see them every day! These were the letters we made for the kids’ new rooms. Mason’s is obviously superhero themed and Izzie’s was garden themed in the beginning,  but recently had been remodeled with a mermaid theme! Exciting right? These letters really added a fun and personal aspect to their rooms, not to mention my cousin and I had a blast making them!

They’re really simple.

  1. All you need to do is get some wooden letters to spell out your chosen word. You can get them at Michael’s or any other craft store (Dare I say, check your local Walmart?). There is normally a variety of different styles, depending on the store. For example some are different sizes, some are curly, while others are more straight lined.
  2. After you’ve chosen your letters, pick your paints! We had the luxury of a pretty intense paint color selection already at our house. But it’s really easy to save some money by buying a couple colors and then a tube of white. That way you can lighten your more vibrant colors and mix them to create a nice palette!
  3. Paint your base coat. We painted the base coats and then let them dry for a couple hours before attempting to draw any designs.
  4. Once we were satisfied that the base was dry we did one of a couple things. We either free handed a design, stenciled a design before painting, or on Izzie’s letters we attached some garden themed stickers we had purchased in the craft section.
  5. We then attached the ribbon on Izzie’s with some hot glue.

So there you go! Easy peasy customized painted letters for anywhere in your home! They don’t have to be just for kids, you can easily adult-ify them by simply spelling out your family name or a simple word like “Family” or “Hope”. You could even simplify them by just painted them all one solid color, like a white. One thing we also had considered doing for the super hero letters was to decoupage some comics on there. You could easily decoupage anything on there really. Maybe a princess story book, People magazine, pressed rose petals (if you’re like me and can’t bear to toss the roses you got over a month ago, so you pressed them in a book).  You could also spice things up with a little glitz and glam spray paint!! Or if you want to add some glitter accents but don’t wanna buy the spray paint, maybe you have some glitter nail polish? (I know I do!!) I’ll add a couple more pictures here at the bottom for a close up of some of the letters!!

Mason’s Letters

Izzie’s Letters


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