Deployment: 1 Care Package at a Time #3

Yes that is my teddybear stuffed in a box…

Good morning you crafty crafters! It’s time for another installment of “Deployment: 1 Care Package at a Time” (Insert dramatic soap opera voice here) . Last time we spoke I was  telling you about the scary side of  the post office…the Halloween care package!! DUN DUN DUN!!! (Sorry…I may have just had a huge cup of coffee…) But anywho, this box is a little more comforting, and actually came before the Halloween package…I know I cheated and posted about the other one first, but I didn’t want to wait to long after Halloween! Do you hate me now cause I lied to you?…I’m sorry…But look how cool this one is!!

This time it had:

  • Xbox 360 games (mine he’s borrowing)
  • A Gamer Guide for LA Noire
  • Three recent game informer mags
  • Two of my old guitar books (he’s learning how to play)
  • Hot Chocolate with crazy colored marshmallows
  • Pictures of his baby girl (in the envelope on the box flap)
  • Stella (My build a bear, his request)

I covered the flaps with scrapbook paper, and added letter stickers to say a part of one of our favorite songs (I changed it up a bit to fit) But it’s “Whatever it is” by the Zac Brown Band. It’s hard to see in the picture but I changed it to “You’ve Got Whatever It Is” “It Blows Me Away” “Every Time I Try To Tell You” “It Comes Out I Love You” Then the silver envelope says Lily (his daughter) and has some wallet sized pictures of her. And of course a guitar sticker.

PS: When I sent Stella, James and I decided that I would need another bear to replace her till he got back home…so I got another build a bear named Rogers! He has his own little uniform and everything! I sleep with him every night and if I stay somewhere else I make sure to take him with me as well! Anytime I forget him, James gives me a hard time and says that Rogers now has abandonment issues… Maybe I’ll introduce y’all sometime. He’s quite the charmer! OH LOOK! There he is down there!


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