Geocache Galore!

Treasure I’ve found while geocaching!!

So, if I haven’t told y’all already, I’m a huge nerd. I do the dorkiest things all the time! (Just ask my boyfriend). One of the things I love to do is Geocache. Have you ever heard of it? My friend Allie told me about it not too long ago, so I thought I would give it a try!  It’s like a scavenger hunt but all over the place! People leave these little containers in certain places around town, and they record the coordinates on a website like Then, people (dorks like me) download the app on their phones, print directions, or use a GPS, to find these little boxes and log that we found them! Hold on to your socks because it gets even cooler!! You can trade things!! (I know, I know..too much excitement for one post) Sometimes they have book swaps, where you bring a book and take one, or sometimes it’s little things like the little rubber ducky key chain I found! They also sell geocoins which have tracking numbers, that way you can track their journey! Whoever finds the geocoin is supposed to log where they take it so you can see how far it travels.

I’ve had a lot of fun searching for these little treasures, and I’ve found some really cool places around town! Even when I don’t find the cache I was looking for, I always learn something new! I’ve found a couple parks tucked away in Downtown Columbia, as well as learned the history of some buildings around town! One of the things I can’t wait to do is geocache while I travel! I’m hopefully going to be taking a road trip eventually, so I can’t wait to pick up a couple caches with my soldier along the way! Not to mention if I ever actually get to travel out of the country, they have these babies in 100 different countries!! Can you imagine how fun it would be to travel all over the world, while finding these little treasures?!

Soon I’m going to make my own geocache and place it somewhere awesome!! It’s going to have to be crafty I’ll keep you all updated on my ideas! Let me know if you geocache or are thinking about giving it a try!! I’d love to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “Geocache Galore!

  1. This sounds like SO MUCH FUN! I would pay to get to do something like this. It’s like a treasure hunt for adults! I’m definitely going to check it out, enter my address and see if there’s anything close by. Exciting!

    • They have a free version of the geocache app on iPhones that you could give a try to see if you like it!! I think the full version is $10, but it’s so worth it!! I just have a free account on the website and just use the full version of the app on my phone 🙂

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