School Schmool

I love Someecards…so relatable to my life!

I didn’t post yesterday!! AHHHH!!! What was that?! Was that a piece of the sky that just fell on my head?? Oh no…just an acorn. (On a side note, my school campus has these trees that drop acorns at the speed of light, and they’re actually really painful when they land on your head!)

So, I stayed up for a large portion of the night, just piddling around through my crafting supplies trying to find something to post about. I found a couple things of buttons…some mason jars,  really tiny plastic containers, huge vinyl letters, and a template for a gift box….I’m just having a rough week, y’all! School is driving me up the wall! I have a cake that has been sitting on my kitchen counter all week that I still haven’t gotten the energy to frost, I had to deal with my stalker, and my family is leaving me for Thanksgiving…and I’ve been having anxiety attacks over all the projects I have coming up at the end of the semester! And on top of that…I just miss my boyfriend, so once I cleaned up all the crafting supplies I had thrown all over my room, I created the ultimate cozy night for myself.

  1. Netflix on my Xbox360 (endless episodes of Dr. Who)
  2. 5 Seasons of Big Bang Theory on DVD just in case Netflix stops working (heaven forbid)
  3. Skype call with boyfriend, who pretends to be a ninja turtle
  4. Microwavable Peach Pie (I know, I know…Went to school for baking & Pastry and I still can’ convince myself to stop eating these things)
  5. Inhaler (anxiety attacks)
  6. Bed with snuggly puppy
  7. Searching through
  8. No homework, or so help me god….

So, I apologize for not having anything crafty to report from yesterday…I’ll try and whip something up tonight, I promise! But in the mean time, check out some pictures from my cozy night!


7 thoughts on “School Schmool

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