Christmas Shopping Central

Making Pillow Gift Boxes

So I love to shop online, if you haven’t already noticed that. I ordered the majority of my Christmas presents already, and the first batch just came in! Two little gifts for my girls up at Johnson & Wales. One was my roommate, and the other my best friend!! I transferred schools after my first year and I haven’t been able to see them since!! It’s so depressing! But I couldn’t stop myself from picking them out a little something to slip under their Christmas tree. When the gifts go here, I decided to make these little”Pillow Gift Boxes”. They’re so simple!

  1. Cut your cardstock so that it will fit into your printer.(Thicker paper works best)
  2. Find a template, like this one: Pillow Box Craft Project
  3. Put your cardstock into the printer, and print the template onto the back.
  4. Cut along the outer shape.
  5. Crease along the lines where you will be folding.
  6. Put glue along the flap, and fold the paper in half, let the glue set before continuing. (I ended up using Gorilla glue because I couldn’t find my glue stick…over kill but it worked none the less!)
  7. Pinch the two sides together, to help make the “pillow” shape of the box
  8. Fold in the two curved sides

Alexa, my roommate, is a Baking & Pastry Major. There was this one time where she went to a lecture on eggs (I know, odd) and they were giving out little whisk keychains. She already had one from somewhere else, but grabbed one for me, and I’ve had it on my keys since! She also had her side of the dorm room decorated with everything cupcakes!! Needless to say, baking was kind of our entire lives. So for Christmas this year I got her these little whisk earrings ($10) from an etsy shop called 1ofAkinds. <–Click to check her out!

Then for Lorrie (the lovely bestfriend) I got her a little grape soda cap pin ($3). For those of you that are like…uhhh what in the world? It comes from the move Up!. We have watched that movie so many times, we literally know every word, and we say everything along with the characters. During the movie Ellie gives Carl a little grape soda pin to show him that he’s officially in her “club”. I also got this from a etsy shop, and this one is called Oh so Cute & Quirky <–Click to take a looksy!

And last, but not least! I put them in the little pillow boxes, wrapped them in bubble wrap (another secret present), and decorated the small sized flat rate box to be sent off in the morning! Here’s the finished product!!



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