Bottle Cap Mayhem!

Bottle Cap Ornament

Good morning Lovely Ladies & Gents!

I’ve been contemplating what to do with this bag of bottle-caps I’ve been hoarding for a few months, and I finally decided to find a way to use them or just toss them! Sounds horrible right? Why would someone toss a bag of perfectly good bottle-caps? Well…cause she has too much stuff! But as I went to throw these into the trash can my hand hovered over the opening and there was a little voice screaming at me, something about recycling and re-using, one man’s trash is another crafter’s treasure. Y’all know the drill! So I dumped the tops onto my desk and grabbed the hot glue gun! …Yeah it wasn’t that easy actually. My creative process is a bit all over the place and a bit..”ADOS” as my boyfriend would say, meaning “Attention Deficit…Oh! Shiny!”.So really what happened was I stacked these  caps on the floor while watching Dr. Who until I cried because Dr. Who made me really really sad…Has anyone seen the ending to season 2?! But then I started making little bottle cap flowers out of them, and thought that they kind of looked like something my aunt has in her little boutique, where the person makes things out of type writer keys. And they had made some Christmas ornaments, so I thought…I can do that!

And so I did!! And I did it like this:

  1. Lay 11 of your best bottle caps with the ridges up.
  2. Grab some buttons or jewels, anything that can add color to the inside of your bottle caps, and hot glue them to the center of 6 of the caps. (Be careful that your caps are dry, or the glue will not hold for long.
  3. Arrange the decorated caps into a flower shape, with one in the middle and 5 around. (You should have 5 caps that are plain and undecorated that we’ll use as “spacer caps”).
  4. Glue one decorated cap to the center cap.
  5. Then add a “spacer cap”.
  6. Continue adding the decorated caps, alternating with the spacers, until you have a full “flower” (Ps: It took me a couple tries to get the spacing just right. The good thing about hot glue, is if you let it cool, you can peel it right off and try again!)
  7. Add a loop of ribbon to the back with a dab of glue.

And that’s that! Now I don’t feel so wasteful, and I rather like how it turned out! I have a few more caps so I think that I may make a couple smaller ones with just one bottle cap, so I can kind of blend them in with the other ornaments on my tree..I’ll let ya know how it goes!

Coming up soon: I made a new Thanksgiving care package for my soldier and sent it off, but I haven’t posted about it yet because I don’t want him to see it until he actually gets it. But stay tuned and check back around Wednesday for another installment of “Deployment: 1 Care Package at a Time #4”.


4 thoughts on “Bottle Cap Mayhem!

  1. I love these! And I love that you collect your bottle caps and even think up ways to reuse them. Once, a long, long time ago I used to hold onto everything too. Until my house was so full of stuff that I lost my kids :). Anyway now I’m a lot quicker to toss then to keep. But will definitely start keeping bottle caps after this.

    • I used to collect them when I was younger cause I thought they were cool. I’m not super religious about collecting them now, but my family is pretty good about keeping them on the shelf above the sink and when I see them I scoop them into my collection lol! I love to reuse things though, I just hate the in between time where it takes up space! Lol I also usually save my soda tabs to donate, but I saw a cute little craft on Pinterest using them so I think I may give it a try…

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