Wonderful Wedding Wackyness

Hey everybody!
I have some crazy news! So, my roommate from my previous year in college is getting married this weekend!! But that’s not my news! One, y’all should know I’m a bridesmaid (YAY!!) I was so flattered of course! She gave me instructions for a darker gray dress, nude heels, and a red shawl. It sounds odd but works well together actually! So after stressing over what kind of dress to get, I decided on an infinity dress. Have you guys heard of these things? It’s one dress, but you can tie it a whole bunch of ways! I got mine off ebay for a steal! (This is still not my news by the way) But here is the picture of the dress:

Infinity Dress (I got the one on the mannequin)

Go check out her ebay store here <–Click me!

Ok…so now on to the news…

So..y’all know I went to school to study baking & pastry…well that is where I met my roommate that’s getting married. She was the best roommate a girl could ask for, she was a fashion retail major, and I was a baker, so I would bring her food, and she would help me look stylish (or attempt to make me stylish…trust me I had the easier job). So we always joked that she would help me pick out my wedding dress and I would make her cake (joking). But the poor gentleman she hired to do her cake got sick, so guess who’s making a three tiered wedding cake for this weekend!!! This chick!

So this is what I know about the wedding..

  1. The wedding is Saturday
  2. I’m driving the multiple hour drive Friday after I take my statistics test that afternoon
  3. I still need bridesmaid shoes
  4. I’m making a 3 tiered cake for 100 people to eat

This is what I know about the cake:

  1. It’s got 3 tiers
  2. The bottom is yellow cake, and the top two are red velvet
  3. I’m thinking Swiss buttercream (a wedding classic)
  4. She has a beach theme, and wants light blue icing.
  5. I need to learn how to make pieces of edible coral?
  6. I need to make the cakes & fill and ice them before I leave….
  7. I NEED DOWELS…or my cake will be The Leaning Tower of Pisa

What I’ve also got to get done this week:

  1. Write a 10 page literature review for my social work class
  2. Study for my statistics test
  3. Attend 2 concerts for my dance appreciation course
  4. Write paper on said dance concert
  5. Refill my inhaler
  6. Not jump off a building…

Has anyone else had experience making wedding cakes? I’ve made a tiered cake before (see below), but something about the “wedding” in front of the “cake” makes is that much scarier…

Flower Cake


4 thoughts on “Wonderful Wedding Wackyness

  1. What an honor!!! Some girls dream of their wedding. I dream of other girls asking me to make their wedding cake. Well, not really, but seriously, that’s the ultimate compliment! If you’re looking for fancy fondant decorations, I’ve had good luck buying them from Etsy. Of course, you’re so hard core I bet you want to make them yourself (that cake in the picture looks AMAZING, btw).

    • I thought about ordering them on etsy (cause I’m addicted to etsy) but the wedding is this Saturday!!! (AHHHH) so I would be scared they wouldn’t get here in time….I need to calm down an really think about it lol, I’m so much of a perfectionist that it’s insane! I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!!

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