Wedding Cake Finale!


It’s done!!
This weekend was the wedding and everything (including the cake) turned out amazing! On a bad note however…my laptop is out of order. Im having to post from my phone, so please excuse any format or grammar errors, I’m not the best with my phone. The repair guy is coming to check it out in the next one or two days but we’ll see what happens. I thought I would just let you guys know how the cake turned out and show you a picture!!
I ended up finishing icing the tiers at about 12:30 the night before the wedding? And then we had to drive them and take them on the ferry over to the church! AHHH!! The road was so bumpy I thought I was gonna die! But there was minimal icing damage that I was able to mostly fix once I got there with some back up buttercream!
I convinced my friend (the bride) not to save & freeze the top tier (cause I think it’s kinda gross?) I feel a little guilty, but I told her I would bake them the same red velvet as an anniversary cake to replace it…I think that’s a pretty good deal but part of me still feels guilty…how do y’all feel about saving the top tier of a wedding cake for the first year anniversary? Sweet memory or frozen yuck?
Now for some more wedding pictures:





2 thoughts on “Wedding Cake Finale!

  1. It’s beautiful! Your friend most have been so happy 🙂 And I love the starfishes and the color, and… I actually love everything about it.
    And I totally agree with you about not saving the wedding cake. A year old cake? Yuck.
    I not only didn’t save mine, I actually didn’t taste it (aside from the bite when cutting the cake). In fact I didn’t taste any of the food (wedding jitters). But still, I would never save it.

    • Thankyou!! And I completely agree! Ill probably be the same way on my wedding day, I’m terrible about not eating when I’m anxious! Plus I’m surprisingly not a huge cake fan? Lol I know that’s weird since I make them, but I really don’t ever crave cake!

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