The Daily Deployment Drag


Hey there, ladies & gents!
Good news is, my laptop is fixed!! Kinda not as good news, it’s coming up on finals week for this girl over here! Oy-vay! But anywho, stress levels aside, I really miss my soldier…I try not to think about how much longer we have left to go, too too much, but to an extent it’s helpful. I’m a percentage person, I like to know how far we’ve come and how long we have to go, because when I’m the most upset the facts are what keep me from going crazy. Because facts are facts! Now, how far we have to go isn’t necessarily a fact because it can and does change all the time, but how far we’ve come is! No one can take away how long I’ve made it without my soldier, how I’m that many days stronger and closer to hugging him.
But other than a lovey dovey rant, I wanted to share with y’all what I do to make the time seem to not go by as slow. I was thinking about it this morning because someone had asked me a question the other day that kind of caught me off guard…they asked me why I spent so much time on my phone and on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, WordPress, and all the other apps on my phone and laptop. Well, the truth is, the things that I do that seem antisocial to others, are me refusing to become antisocial! Not to mention, they’re kind of like…busy work? They keep my mind occupied.

But here are my top things that I do to keep the days from dragging during deployment:

  1. College & Work: School and my job are two big thing that keeps me busy. I was in college before this deployment obviously, but I’ve found that it really helps keep my mind occupied and makes me feel less helpless. But not everyone wants to apply for college and all that but having a schedule for something that you really have to go to is a big plus! So enroll in some classes at a community college, or sign up for a craft class at your local Michaels or Hobby Lobby (I took the Wilton cake classes & loved them!).
  2. “Doing Time” App: This app on my iPhone is one of my favorites! My soldier and I make it a habit to check on our progress. The description for the app says  “written by a soldier, this app is inspired by the Deployment Donut spreadsheet that military members and families keep, and by the act of marking days off on a calendar.” And listen closely for this part…it’s FREE! There are features that you can buy, but they’re really not necessary. Again, love love love this app!doing time
  3. Crossing Off The Days: I have an actual “old fashioned” calender that I cross the days off on. I like to “save them up” and not cross them off all week and then BAM!! On Sunday I cross them all off one by one and realize I’m another week down!
  4. Plan, Plan, Plan & Ship ’em Out!: Care packages are my numero uno thing to do. (If y’all haven’t noticed). I plan these suckers out so much! I literally have a word document on my laptop with ideas going months out! I make lists and post them everywhere and add sticky notes with more ideas I find on pinterest. Then I wait for pay day and rock out that care package!  Then for about a week and a half to two weeks I taunt my boyfriend over skype going “OOOHH That care package is gonna be so awesome!! I can’t wait, you’re gonna flip out! It’s amazing!!!”
  5. Write Letters: I write letters to my soldier throughout my day, even when I don’t have anything super exciting to write about. It’s the little things that I write about that I think he likes the most. The little things that he misses while not being here. (I also got Monsters Inc, Toy Story, and A Bugs Life stamps!!
  6. Throw A Pity Party & Move On: I don’t mean this in a weird sarcastic passive aggressive way. I mean literally, days where I feel terrible and I don’t feel good and I just want a damn hug! But I can’t get one..cause truth is I don’t want just anyone’s  hug..I want his! So I sit on my floor, turn on my sad music, sing a long and cry for just a few minutes (30 minutes tops) then I put on my dance music and dance in front of my mirror till I can’t be anything but giggly!
  7. Don’t Be A Bum: As tempting as it is to sit around on the couch all day eating take out and twinkies, you gotta fight it! Get that tushy, that your soldier loves oh so much, off the couch and into the shower! Put on your lipgloss (or tinted chapstick) and throw on some cute clothes! They don’t have to be fancy, in fact I think that yoga pants and a cute top work just as good as anything else for me personally! I also find myself having little photo shoots and sending the pictures to my soldier! He loves them, even has a few in his wallet! But just by doing those simple things, you’re setting yourself up for a better (and cleaner) day!
  8. Monthly Photo Challenges: These things are all over the place! I’m working on one right now on my Instagram that is called “Capturing December”. They give a little hint for each day and you post a picture that goes along with it! I’ve loved it so much so far! I’ve always wanted to do one but I always quit half way through, but I’m sticking with it this time!capturing december

2 thoughts on “The Daily Deployment Drag

  1. I agree with this more than I can say. Care packages are the one fun thing I get out of my husband’s being away, so it’s a blast to just roll with it. At the same time, sometimes it really is important to let yourself cry — but it’s equally important not to stay stuck there. I LOVE your idea of dancing in the mirror until you laugh!

    • Very true! I always joke with James that he turned me into a cry baby, because I never used to cry! But since this deployment I’ve learned just to let myself cry when I need to and get it all out. If you keep it bottled up you’ll just stay stuck in how terrible you feel!

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