Sultry Snowflakes

First off, I want to express how horrified I am at the tragedy in Connecticut that occurred today. I didn’t know anybody there but it is truly terrifying to think that our children are not safe, even at school. It’s an unnerving feeling; however, I hate how much press this is getting! I literally can not get away from it on the TV and the radio. I make it a point in my life not to overwhelm myself with traumatic information. It’s not that I don’t care, because trust me, I care! I did my crying, and when my girls I nanny come over tonight, you know I’ll be holding them so tight! But I want to shelter them from it as well. They’re children, they don’t need to see or hear any of this! I’m studying to become a social worker, and people, especially children, can have mild cases of PTSD from seeing too much of a traumatic event. It’s scary! So tonight we refused to be attached to the tv, and instead drove to see Christmas lights! Happy thoughts for happy people! So, I encourage you to keep these families in your prayers, but be mindful of the influence the media has on our families’ mental beings.

This is the quote that brought me to tears:

“Eighteen children who will not have children, who will not have children, who will not have children. Thirty six parents who will not watch their child grow to adulthood, graduate, come home for the holidays, walk down the aisle. Seventy-two grandparents who will look across the generations and see less than they would have yesterday. Hundreds of accomplishments that will go unaccomplished. Inventions that will not be invented. Kindnesses that will not be committed. Ideas that will not be expressed. Romances that will never happen and kindnesses that will never be conveyed. How do you measure loss? Start here.”–Ted Anthony, AP

Now..the point of this post! I made snowflakes out of…dun dun dun….JUNK MAIL! (Y’all are all like..come again?) You heard me right! Advertisements that I will never ever use! I got the idea from Michele Made Me ; although hers are so much cooler! She’s so crafty and resourceful! I tried my hand at making mine into a gift bow…yeah…didn’t turn out as great as I wanted really…but I was half asleep and watching Frosty the Snowman, I was all hot chocolate(d) and snuggled up!



3 thoughts on “Sultry Snowflakes

  1. Seriously, I couldn’t have said it better!! I’m in Canada and it’s the only thing on the news here. I know, it’s SO terrible and I get that, but it bugs me when the press is all over something. I don’t know why, just seems like they use situations like this to their own advantage and try to over-dramatize it when I think people should just be sad.. geniune, appreciative of what they have, respectful, you know?!

    Sorry for the rant!

    I actually commented to say that I was LOOKING for these snowflake stencils last night!! Yay, so pretty! I wanted to make a paper curtain out of them!

    Also, completely unrelated, but you seem like such an awesome friend/girlfriend/person! I can tell by your gift ideas for people and your deployment packages.. so cute! Okay, that is all (:

    • I feel the same! There was a quote on Morgan Freeman that was circulating saying how he thinks the media encourages radical behavior from people because of how much attention they give it.I really think they do! Its kind of like when a parent gives a child’s bad behavior a lot of attention. Even if it’s negative the child see’s it as attention. It’s hard to avoid all the information that’s being pushed out, I had to turn the tv, and the radio off today. It’s really unfortunate.

      And thank you so much!! That’s so kind of you! I certainly try 🙂 I love your blog! It always gets me thinking, and you have the most fearless fashion sense! I love how classic and yet quirky your sewing project are 🙂

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