How to be Alone in Funky Town

Hey ladies & gents!

I’m about to hit the hay and get some shut eye. I have work at some ungodly hour in the morning…seriously, I hate waking up at 6am! I’m so not a morning person, it doesn’t matter how early I go to bed (seriously I went to bed at 6pm once..that’s 12 hours of sleep). I’m just not a rise and shine type of gal! If I don’t have to wake up to an alarm and can wake up on my own it will probably be around 8 am (not too shabby) but I’ll be in a much more cheerful mood!

I don’t have anything super crafty tonight since I spent the evening serenading my boyfriend over skype to “Funky Town” …not as weird as it sounds. He’s switching work shifts so he’s changing sleep schedules. Meaning he has to really try to stay awake at weird times. I was trying to help him by singing and dancing during our skype date, but he just kept smiling at me with his head laying on his laptop until I decided to pull out my old ipod (I say old because I haven’t used it in about a year, especially now since I have an Iphone). Everything was good & normal and then out of the blue comes “Won’t you take me to funky town!” His face was priceless! I was blushing so much (literally my entire face was cherry red) and he was laughing so hard he was crying! He just kept saying, “Are you serious? OMG Jess, REALLY?!” I was so embarrassed but then I just decided to own it, so both of us were dancing and singing our way through Funky Town…I know…we’re weird but we love it that way.

I wanted to share a video with y’all that I’m totally stealing from The Village Pixie. She’s amazing, you should really go check her out! But the video is really quite inspiring. I’m a firm believer in alone time, no matter how much I love my boyfriend & friends, sometimes (the majority of the time) I really need some quiet alone time, just me and my cup of tea.


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