Taking a Break

Hey Everyone!

So I’ve been pretty MIA as of late…life has really been hitting me pretty hard with everything. James and I aren’t together anymore. It was pretty dramatic, and honestly extremely painful. He’d been talking to someone else. But I don’t want to get into the details right now, they’re not really fun to talk about. School is crazy as well, I’m behind in practically everything it feels, and I’ve just really been struggling I guess. I miss talking to everyone on here and I felt like I should make a little post about why I’m taking a break. I just need some me time I think…

Thanks for understanding,

Love, Jessie ❤


3 thoughts on “Taking a Break

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope you find some time to spend with yourself and just relax. If you ever need anyone to talk to, I would be happy to listen. You can contact me by email if you would like christina[dot]pertz[at]gmail[dot]com Take all the time you need and remember we will be here when you return, or maybe we’ll see you somewhere else in the blogosphere!

  2. Sorry to read that. Been with a military boy (notice I wrote boy, as in imature) in the past and unfortunately he did the same and went even further. Its the influence around them, besides being away from you.  I “heard through the grape vine” that some husbands even rent prostitutes overseas and party while they were off duty and while the people who wait for them at home worry about their healthy, safety and wellbeing. It’s a real crummy thing to have to go through. I always tell myself: “If he’s not willing to give up what I gave up for him, and compromise with me, it’s time to go!”

    Women are stronger, more reliable, trustworthy, and certainly more loyal than boys…just my opinion… i just feel really greatful I’m with a real man.

    There will be somebody out there, if not your guy, who will treat and love you the way you deserve.

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