The Possible Baby Blues

So,  exactly four days ago I was sitting at “date night”  with my fiance,  when he dropped a huge bomb in the middle of our conversation. We were playing uno and, It went a little sometime like this:

Mark: Look at that baby over there! So funny how he’s babbling away.
Me: Yup,  and you just took my turn! Jerk!
Mark: Oops,  well,  we should have a baby.
Me: So you can have someone else to lose to at uno?
Mark : No seriously,  I’m ready for a baby!

So,  this is all new to me.  Of course,  as a girl I’ve always had an ever evolving list of baby names I would give my future children,  but it’s so different when someone else starts wanting to use your list! Don’t get me wrong,  I am super giddy about having kids of our own,  and I have no doubt that he is the perfect person to go into that life with… However,  wow! Shocker city!  I’ve been a nanny for years,  yet the thought of getting off my birth control and having my own children by choice sent me running to my best friend’s house the next day to tell her the news! She of course quickly informed me SHE  was not ready to be Aunty Kaitlyn to my children yet lol!
So many things pop into your head when you think about if you’re ready, 

Do we need this big wedding?
Is this the right time?
Do I have to give up date night?
Do I work too much to have a little human?
Can I call my own kids “little humans”  or is that derogatory?
Do I have to quit my retail job and get a “big kid job”?
Can we even afford a 2 bedroom place
Can I still get Starbucks?


Seriously though… How did you know you were ready to have kids?? Are you ever ready?

Fall Follies and Care Packages

I decided to stop putting it off and finally sign up for the Adopt-A-Soldier program again! It was so much fun the first time I did it, and I have missed making care packages that get to journey far and across seas! Have you ever checked out their website? If not you should! It’s such a fantastic program and helps so many soldiers get the support that they need during deployments. Their website is Adoptaussoldier.Org .

Anywho,  now that the good deed plug is out of the way,  I started chatting with my soldier the other day and figured it was time for the first fancy care package! It’s October,  a little late for Halloween maybe,  but I went with it and threw in some flexible fall decor too,  just in case it gets there a little late! I went on a quick little shopping spree on my lunch break and came up with this mixture of goodies:
So inside of that crazy picture is:
apple cider fizzies
Fake piercings
Fake ugly teeth
Pumpkin pez dispenser
Pumpkin popcorn crunch
Halloween booger candy
Pumpkin pie almonds
Candy corn
Smores chocolate
Chocolate covered orange peels
Vampire teeth lollipop
Mohawk Rubber ducky
Skeleton and vampire toys
Mini lazer guns
Biscoff cookie butter
Fake piercings
Green Apple cotton candy
Orange crayola bubbles
Halloween candy bags to share

So once I got all of those goodies into the one size fits all box, I realized I had no scrapbook paper and no more money left in my budget! So I ran to the dollar store and picked up two orange school folders to chop up! Then I came home, downloaded a font off of and cut out the letters to spell “Trick Or Treat”. Then I sprinkled the box with some glittery fall leaves and BAM! Fall package all done!
So what do yall think? Did I do it justice?

Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours!

One of my favorite things to do is write my fiance letters. It’s so old fashioned, and takes him 3-4 days to get them, but it’s so much fun!! I never run out of things to tell him, it’s not always interesting but I can atleast I can always fall back on what’s happening in Orange is the New Black or Gilmore Girls. Most of the time I tell him how much I love him and come up with obnoxious pet names like “Honey Bunches Of Oats”…Yeah…I’m that girl. (Not in front of his friends though)! Long story short, I’m always looking for new ways to make the letters different and interesting!! I’ve printed out quizzes, questionnaires, puzzles…but I decided next I’m going to try making my own stationary (bare with me). I AM NOT TECHNICALLY SAVVY. But I’ve seen some people do the picture faded in the background type of thing, which I like..but I feel weird writing over people’s faces…seems rude! So instead I downloaded some fonts (from and used  plain ol’ Microsoft Word & PIXLR (my favorite editor) to come up with some cool looks. So here is what I came up with:

20141014_021307-1 20141014_021406-1

The pictures suck..I realize that. Lighting at 2am is pretty HORRID. However, for the first one I made a photo collage on, and then put it at the bottom of my word document, added a line on top from the “Shapes” menu, and then simply typed in one of my favorite quotes on top in a font that I downloaded from (Font is called CaneLetter Script, if you’re interested).

For the Second one it was even easier…I downloaded another font from ( It’s called I Love What You Do) and split up one of my favorite love quotes (one of the few that doesn’t make me wanna gag from the sweetness, thank you Emily Bronte) “Whatever Souls are made of His & Mine are the same”. I simply typed half on top, and half on the bottom in a fun color…BAM. It made my letters look a smidgen better than my usual scribbled hearts and stars that I usually gracefully add down the margins.

I’m really working on coming up with some new fun Love Letter inspired crafts!! I definitely need a cute way to store the many I have because they currently sit in a plastic tub, which is just oh so romantic! Hmm Hmm Hmm…time to go put on my thinking cap! Leave me some comments if you have any ideas!!

She’s The Mann…Wait, What?


I’m Back!! That was the longest leave of absence anyone has ever taken in their life! I’ll admit it…I got so incredibly freakin boring that I was even bored with myself! I literally own no more scrapbook paper and my cake pans got moved to the attic…someone please hit me over the head before I mentally reach the age of 99! I’m 21 years old and officially engaged to the love of my life. It has been the craziest roller coaster getting to this point (as some of you may remember..hint..scroll down a post or two). But no worries, I completely intend to fill y’all in on all of the lovely and sometimes horrific details of what you’ve missed!

Quick overview to wet your whistle, while you wait:

  1. My boyfriend proposed
  2. I turned 21
  3. Officially became a college drop out ( for the second time)
  4. Quit my job of 3 years as a hotel clerk
  5. Discovered I love working retail
  6. Learned how to Hula Hoop
  7. Also discovered how long I could go without a home cooked meal.

So are you sad you missed any of those glorious highlights?? I’m in the middle of a craft project, so I simply must run…however, I can’t leave without showing you THE ONE. Although I must warn you..he’s a cutie. So without further adieu, Please welcome, Mr.Mann 🙂

My Fiance