Fall Follies and Care Packages

I decided to stop putting it off and finally sign up for the Adopt-A-Soldier program again! It was so much fun the first time I did it, and I have missed making care packages that get to journey far and across seas! Have you ever checked out their website? If not you should! It’s such a fantastic program and helps so many soldiers get the support that they need during deployments. Their website is Adoptaussoldier.Org .

Anywho,  now that the good deed plug is out of the way,  I started chatting with my soldier the other day and figured it was time for the first fancy care package! It’s October,  a little late for Halloween maybe,  but I went with it and threw in some flexible fall decor too,  just in case it gets there a little late! I went on a quick little shopping spree on my lunch break and came up with this mixture of goodies:
So inside of that crazy picture is:
apple cider fizzies
Fake piercings
Fake ugly teeth
Pumpkin pez dispenser
Pumpkin popcorn crunch
Halloween booger candy
Pumpkin pie almonds
Candy corn
Smores chocolate
Chocolate covered orange peels
Vampire teeth lollipop
Mohawk Rubber ducky
Skeleton and vampire toys
Mini lazer guns
Biscoff cookie butter
Fake piercings
Green Apple cotton candy
Orange crayola bubbles
Halloween candy bags to share

So once I got all of those goodies into the one size fits all box, I realized I had no scrapbook paper and no more money left in my budget! So I ran to the dollar store and picked up two orange school folders to chop up! Then I came home, downloaded a font off of fontspace.com and cut out the letters to spell “Trick Or Treat”. Then I sprinkled the box with some glittery fall leaves and BAM! Fall package all done!
So what do yall think? Did I do it justice?

4 thoughts on “Fall Follies and Care Packages

  1. I love this idea! My boyfriend lives out of state. He is a federal agent and we see each other about once a month or every other month. Thankfully I don’t go many months without seeing him so thumbs up to you for being strong and keeping your relationship with your boyfriend!

    • Thank you! My fiance is now only an hour away, and I’m so thankful!! Lol! I now do the care packages mainly for my adopt a soldiers, but I still make them for him occasionally whenever we are apart for while 🙂

    • It is awesome! If you go onto their website, you make an account and they match you up with a soldier currently deployed and in need of support! You can email, send letters, care packages, whatever you like!

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