The Possible Baby Blues

So,  exactly four days ago I was sitting at “date night”  with my fiance,  when he dropped a huge bomb in the middle of our conversation. We were playing uno and, It went a little sometime like this:

Mark: Look at that baby over there! So funny how he’s babbling away.
Me: Yup,  and you just took my turn! Jerk!
Mark: Oops,  well,  we should have a baby.
Me: So you can have someone else to lose to at uno?
Mark : No seriously,  I’m ready for a baby!

So,  this is all new to me.  Of course,  as a girl I’ve always had an ever evolving list of baby names I would give my future children,  but it’s so different when someone else starts wanting to use your list! Don’t get me wrong,  I am super giddy about having kids of our own,  and I have no doubt that he is the perfect person to go into that life with… However,  wow! Shocker city!  I’ve been a nanny for years,  yet the thought of getting off my birth control and having my own children by choice sent me running to my best friend’s house the next day to tell her the news! She of course quickly informed me SHE  was not ready to be Aunty Kaitlyn to my children yet lol!
So many things pop into your head when you think about if you’re ready, 

Do we need this big wedding?
Is this the right time?
Do I have to give up date night?
Do I work too much to have a little human?
Can I call my own kids “little humans”  or is that derogatory?
Do I have to quit my retail job and get a “big kid job”?
Can we even afford a 2 bedroom place
Can I still get Starbucks?


Seriously though… How did you know you were ready to have kids?? Are you ever ready?

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