Me with my goofy hat!

Me with my goofy hat!

Who is Lil Miss Jessie Homemaker? Well, I’m 19 years old, and in the middle of my second year of college. I’m studying to become a social worker, and minoring in Women’s Gender Studies.  I originally was studying Baking & Pastry at Johnson & Wales University, but I encountered some challenges that were life changing to say the least. So I transferred back home to the University of South Carolina, where I am now living back with my parents and studying to become the most amazing social worker the universe has ever seen!! And  I mean that quite literally.

I have some of the most spectacular people in my life. I’m not even exaggerating. I have a best friend who I’ve known since kindergarten, parents who love me unconditionally, and a boyfriend who is my soul mate and the absolute love of my life. I could talk about all of them individually for a good 3 to 5 pages minimum, but I’ll keep it short for your sanity.

  • Kaitlyn is the bully I met in the sand box that I was determined to make like me. We were just 5 when she managed to squish my sand tunnel, and I think it was about that time that I decided we would be friends. 14 years later I think I can successfully say that my plan worked! We get breakfast together every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I know exactly what she gets (Coffee with cream and sugar and a raspberry scone) and we sit in the same booth every time. She is the number I call when I can’t stand myself any longer, as well as the person I run too when I’m bursting with joy. She is, for lack of better words, my other half.

    Kaitlyn (Left) and I at a Daughtry concert. We got last minute tickets (literally had 30 minutes to get there) from a friend and raced to get ready. We felt pretty gorgeous!

  • My parents are truly insane. They have to be to have raised me. Although, I’m not sure if they started out this crazy or if I made them that way! I owe so much of what I am to them. They’re amazing people and are honestly the best role models I could have asked for! They were wise enough to let me make my own mistakes and kind enough to be there when I busted my tush after making them! Not to mention all the totally valid opportunities and excuses they could have used to tie me to a stranger’s mailbox and walk away, but stuck through it and didn’t…like when I asked them if they had met any dinosaurs, or if they had electricity growing up…Plus they bring me breakfast at work.

So why am I Jessie Homemaker? Well, I bake, I sew, I draw, I scrapbook, I clean, I stamp, and I’m just a homebody. I can’t wait to have a home of my own, I have two hope chests and an attic already filled to the brim with kitchen gadgets and aprons. Not to mention bedding and throw pillows as well! It’s so not normal but it’s who I am. If I had the choice of sitting at home while re-watching a season of Big Bang theory, or going out to the movies. I would pick staying home every time! I’ve been this way since I was a kid so my friends and parents have affectionately started calling me”Lil Jessie Homemaker”. I think it fits rather well…

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