Deployment: 1 Care Package at a Time: Zombie Valentine!

Hey there!!

I feel like I haven’t posted on here in FOREVER! And the truth is I really haven’t. Life has been kind of crazy (it has a tendency to get like that), spring semester of college has officially started, and I’m beginning to feel that little stress monster tapping away at my peace of mind. Random news in my life while I’ve been gone: I got my drivers license! I drove to Walmart all by myself! And got the stuff for this amazing, “world ending” package!!

My theme was Valentines day..but I don’t really like Valentines day that much honestly, so I decided to go with a Happy Valentines Day Zombie Apocalypse! I actually got too much stuff…and I couldn’t part with any of it so I made 1 zombie safety kit, and 1 supply refill box. I think this is my favorite one yet y’all….What do you think? (Click them to get a better view, the lighting was pretty terrible at 3am this morning)

Zombie Package 1

Zombie Package 2

Zombie Package 3


So The flaps on big gray box say “If I were a zombie, I’d never eat your brains. I’d just want your heart”, although this looks really random, it’s actually from a song that the two of us really love called “The Zombie Song”. It’s also where I got the inspiration for the little stick figure zombies. I drew me as a zombie, and him as a zombie hunter! He’s wearing his Army t-shirt and his PT Belt (safety first) You can check it out here:


and here are my zombie stick figures!



Ok so I guess you want to know whats in it? So many goodies!!

  • Apocalypse cookies which I got the idea for from Shards of Blue. I’ll post the recipe in a bit.
  • A new Nerf Gun with extra ammo!
  • My ipod: he needed a new one and I don’t use mine anymore. I put it in an envelope and labeled it Emergency Communication.
  • A Thunder Buddies T-shirt! (From the movie Ted)
  • A Zombie Apocalypse Calender (from
  • A Zombie survival kit (also from
  • A Bite Kit (first aid kit)
  • 2 liquid water flavorings
  • 2 Energy shots (for when the battles seem to never end)
  • Valentine Chocolates (food rations)
  • Conversation Hearts (Zombie Feed)
  • Altoids (The Zombie Apocalypse is not an excuse for bad breath!)
  • A Clemson Tigers Camo Beanie
  • A Texas A&M Baseball Cap
  • A bag of bendy straws (inside joke)
  • Dead Island Video Game (Survival Training)
  • A canvas messenger bag to carry it all (well most of it)

I had so much fun making this package!! I think it’s my favorite one so far!

The Beautiful Blogger Award!!














I can not tell y’all how amazing it feels to get these blogging awards! DIY2EMC nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award, and I have to say it is such and honor to have been nominated by such a beautiful blogger! She’s amazing, and I love browsing through her posts of marvelous finds! Her blog is full of elegant and quirky finds on a budget, as well as so many other goodies!! I also have to add that I think she is one of my biggest supporters on my page, always leaving me little pieces of encouragement! I love that about her! Now it’s time to let y’all in on a little bit about me as a blogger (per the award’s request)

7 facts about me not listed on my about me page: (This is getting harder each time it gets asked!)

  1. I work at the front desk of a Quality Inn & Suites! I win over all the guests (well most all of them) with my awkward sweetness & charm. I say awkward because there is not a conversation that goes by where I don’t stumble or stutter over my words.
  2. I have lived in Columbia, SC my entire life (except for my freshman year of college which was spent in Charlotte, NC); however, I SUCK at giving directions anywhere! To me, everything is just down the street! (Why God made MapQuest…or whoever it was)
  3. I’m 19 and I do not have my drivers license quite yet…that’s sooo embarrassing! Ok, so the thing is, I have terrible anxiety. So no matter how awesome of a driver I am, sitting in the DMV for 3 hours (it never fails) until the instructor gets in the car and tells me to turn right & I just get tunnel vision and forget the simple things…UGH. But anywho, it’s on my list of things to suck up and do.
  4. I’m a pescatarian!! This means that I eat fish as my only meat product. No chicken, beef, pork, lamb, anything like that. I gave up meat completely (even fish) during a Lent season a while ago (It’s a Catholic tradition of fasting) and it just kinda stuck. It’s been about 3 years now, I added the fish back because I became really sick due to something else, and it was just easier to fight one battle at a time. I did try to eat chicken a couple months ago…and I literally couldn’t get it in my mouth, there was like an invisible force in the way of my fork & mouth.
  5. I love retro style glasses! I’ve had to wear glasses since the 1st grade, and my current obsession is getting them kinda cat-eye style? I’m due to get another pair soon & I’m super excited to pick out new frames! Although I really love the ones I have now from Betsy Johnson (I’ll post a picture at the bottom)
  6. One of my major pet-peeves lately is getting things with cupcakes on them. So, I went to school to become a pastry chef, and I guess when you do that you give people the right to give you everything ever manufactured that has to do with cupcakes? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love cupcakes! But I really really don’t need anything else that’s cupcake themed. However, I do love fingernail polish & shoelaces, in case that threw off anyone’s gift ideas for me.
  7. One of my goals is to learn American Sign Language. It’s my new years resolution to get started on the basics this year. I think it’s a really awesome skill to have, especially in the field of social work (which is my major). I’ve also just always found it extremely fascinating. Anyone have any tips?

Nominate 7 Bloggers & Tell them you nominated them!! (Little compliments on the side are nice too, I really enjoyed mine from DIY2EMC)

  1. Rohan 7 Things: This blogger is truly amazing! He wrote his own book!! (Like what, who does that??) <–This Guy
  2. Miss Marzipan: Her posts always get me thinking about my next project or romp in the kitchen. Not to mention she does everything with such style!
  3. Beautiful Objects: This lovely blogger & super mom just started a pretty cool series of posts on being purposeful, which is something I can definitely learn from myself!
  4. Family Life with the Mom who is All Hart: I love love love reading her posts!! Recently she posted some sports cupcakes that are just too cool! She’s a truly inspirational person 🙂
  5. Homemade Delish: I seriously can’t get enough of her awesome recipes! Honestly, the minutes she posted about her mac& cheese  & Nutella cake in a mug a couple days ago, I think I was sold for life!
  6. Life, Love, & Sugar: I’ve nominated her for an award before, but it’s because she’s truly awesome! Her hashbrown casserole recipe (which I reblogged about) is like food heaven! I literally make it way too much! My family has no complaints though! She’s just pretty awesome with the recipes she comes up with!
  7. My MCM Life: This family…is truly just amazing. I love reading about their updates with their house and beautiful daughter. They’re truly an inspiration!

Y’all should definitely check all these beautiful and amazing bloggers out & give them a quick like & follow! I promise you won’t be disappointed! And thank you so much again to the lovely DIY2EMC!! She’s amazing, and my wordpress reader would be much sadder without her!

There’s Vegetables in Chili?


“There’s Vegetables in Chili?!” This is the question I was asked while making my family dinner the other night…seriously…Ok I guess I should preface this by letting y’all know I’ve been a vegetarian for about 3 years, and that’s around the time I started really learning how to cook, so most of what I know is veggie friendly. My parents & soldier quickly informed me, however, that vegetables are not a regular occurrence in “normal people chili”. Although, I would like to point out that it doesn’t stop any of them from wanting to eat it…  I guess it just never occured to me that I made chili differently than anyone else? I mean I know I don’t put meat in mine..but doesn’t everyone put peppers, onions, and corn? Sometimes I even like to put zucchini! *gasp!*

I’ve noticed that a lot of vegetarian chili recipes lack the “chili-ness” (That’s totally a word, right?) that makes chili so comforting, but I stumbled on this recipe a while ago and it’s been my go-to recipe ever since! It’s so good I didn’t even get to take a picture of it before my family attacked it! Here’s the recipe from The Picky Eater Blog.

The Ingredients

  • 1 can Kidney beans, drained and rinsed
  • 1 can Black beans, drained and rinsed
  • 1 can Pinto beans, drained and rinsed
  • 1 cup frozen corn
  • 1 red bell pepper, diced (I actually ended up using 2 green peppers & it was still yummy!)
  • 1 green bell pepper, diced
  • 1 red onion, diced (I used a regular onion that I had at home)
  • 1 28 oz can crushed tomatoes
  • 1 cup vegetable broth
  • 5 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 heaping tbsp chili powder
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • 1 tsp coriander
  • 1 tsp Ghirardelli cocoa powder (unsweetened) (I think this is the real kicker to what makes this recipe awesome)
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/4 tsp (or a bit less) cayenne pepper
  • A couple splashes of soy sauce
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • Black pepper and paprika to taste


  • Chop up your peppers & onions and saute them with some olive oil until translucent.
  • While those are cooking, gather the rest of your ingredients together in a separate pot. (Make sure to rinse the canning liquid from the cans of beans before adding)
  • Once the peppers & onions are ready, toss them in to the pot with the other ingredients and bring to a boil.
  • Reduce heat to a simmer & cook for 3o minutes. (It’s really important to let it cook down during this part, it’s when all the flavors really come together).

Then enjoy!! It really is delicious, full of veggie goodness, and so comforting!

New Years Motivation!

Well hello there, Sunshines!!

I have missed you all so dearly! I’ve been slacking on posting and it’s painful because I have so much to report to y’all! James is still deployed and is about as homesick as he can get (not to mention he’s been actually sick). It’s hard not being able to baby him like I want to! I think I have a few ideas up my sleeve though to help him take better care of himself! So I’ll keep you guys updated on his next package which I’m pretty sure will be full of sick people goodies! (I know it doesn’t sound exciting but I promise it’ll be cute!) In the meantime though…I thought I would share with you my tricks for sticking with my New Years resolutions (well…most of them). No one’s perfect right?

This year I really want to get healthy among other things, so the first thing I thought of was making a vision board to organize my thoughts! And although that’s a really awesome and visual idea..I’m such a perfectionist sometimes and I just haven’t been able to really get it to look neat and cute enough without wanting to rearrange everything all the time, which is just distracting from it’s actual purpose! So I was looking up different blogs about fitness and health, and I came across one, which I’m not sure is active anymore, but it was still good reading nonetheless! It’s called Operation Change, and on there she had a goal sheet, where she crossed off the number of times she went to the gym in a week. So I thought…I can do that! It will help me see my progress and keep me motivated! I loved the look that hers had, so I modeled it pretty closely but so far I’m in love! I love getting to cross off a number when I achieve something or get home from the gym!  This is what mine turned out like for my goal of going to the gym 4 times a week! (I’ve already been 3 times this week!)gym goal

I did the same thing with my goal for cooking a healthy dinner for my family twice a week. I changed the colors and the quotes up for each goal so that  it would be relevant to the topic. Like for my cooking dinner one I put a quote about cooking and changed the “Time to get strong” to “Time to eat”. So what do you guys think? Do you have any New Years resolutions you’re already having a hard time keeping? (I can already tell some of mine just aren’t gonna happen!)



Deployment: 1 Care Package at a Time: Christmas Edition

Winter Care Package

Hey long lost friends!

Sorry I have been MIA for a while, life has gotten crazy (as it tends to do), but there is good news nonetheless! I got to go up to Maryland to see my family for Christmas AND my soldier FINALLY got his Christmas care package! It only took forever and a half to get there! Well…three weeks…but it seemed like forever!  I felt terrible that it didn’t get there till after Christmas, but he was still excited about it so I feel less bad about myself. (Lesson learned: If I ever have to send another Christmas care package, send it at Thanksgiving).

This package was filled with all sorts of Christmas themed goodies!

  • Reindeer Munchies & Snowman Soup <–Click to see the post
  • Christmas Tree Debbie Cakes
  • Candy Canes (lots of them)
  • A Christmas stocking filled with 2 bags of army men (parachutes included), red & green swirly straws, white & milk chocolate santas, Christmas themed word search, and Ghiradelli Peppermint Bark.
  • Box of 100 colorful Christmas Lights
  • 2 red stress balls (good to throw at friends)
  • His Christmas Present: A dog tag that says “Always & Forever” as well as my name at the bottom. I have a similar one that says “No Matter What” with his name on the bottom. Bought from AtEase Designs
  • A lovey dovey Christmas card
  • Santa Hat
  • Silver Garland

I decorated the box with some scrapbooking paper & letters. I wrote him a little letter on the right side, and I made a little felt door to cover a picture of me blowing him a kiss. Underneath it there’s an arrow and it says “Open for a Christmas kiss”, super cheesy, but he thought it was really cute!

So to close out this post, I’m going to leave y’all with some pictures from my trip to the land of the Mary! (Maryland).

maryland adventures


Baffling Blankets


Hey there!

So..I wrote this post last night, and my computer spazzed out and didn’t post it! How rude! So…here goes (again)

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a huge South Carolina Gamecock football fan! Unfortunately..Mr. James (my soldier) is a Clemson Tigers fan, meaning that we’re rivals. It definitely makes for an entertaining college football season! But when I started hearing about (and receiving pictures of) the snow that they are getting over where he’s deployed, I figured I would make him a blanket…innocent enough, right? When I went to pick a fabric..I somehow ended up looking at Clemson cotton prints? I don’t know how it happened, but I found a plaid Clemson Tigers fabric in my shopping cart along with a striped white minky. I’m not proud of it..but’s incredibly soft and comfy, and I snuggled with it…I’m so ashamed! So here is how to make your own shameful baffling blanket..or hopefully yours will be less confusing.

  1. First, I laid the fabrics down on the floor, and realized that the minky was about 18 inches wider then the cotton print. My solution was to cut two 4.5 inch strips & add them to either the cotton print fabric.(FYI: when pinning them to sew, make sure you put the fabric right sides together, meaning the colorful print side together with the fuzzy side)Image
  2. Then once the two pieces of fabric were around the same size, I pinned 3 whole edges together, and 3/4 of the fourth edge. I made sure to leave a opening so the I would be able to pull the blanket right side out once I was done sewing the edges.(Again, make sure that when you pin it, you have the fabrics right sides together)Image
  3. Carefully pull the blanket right side out, and stitch the hole together. My mom told me to hand stitch it..but I absolutely hate hand sewing, so I folded the edges down and ran it through the machine!

There ya go! One blanket for the snuggly person in your life! I used 2.5 yards of each fabric since James is 6 feet tall (and I wanted his feet to be warm!) But you could easily make this in a smaller fashion with less fabric (and much less hassle). It would make a great baby blanket! Which I think will be my next project!

Assorted Awards

I have been such a slacker..I’m sure some of y’all have noticed. (At least I hope you have..) But I have some rewards to respond too! I’m going to make a page of them that will contain all the answers to the questions and my nominees! So this is just going to be a quick overview of what you should go check out on the awards page!!


My 11 Nominees Are:

Miss Marzipan | Beautiful Objects |Fee’s Bites |The Life Of Lulu Belle

Love Knobby Knees | Choose Your Hard |Using All The Words I Know

| Engaged To The ArmyHomemade Delish | My MCM LIfe | The Renegade Seamstress

Just to be clear, they are nominated for BOTH the Liebster Award & Lovely Blog award 🙂

Here are the Rules for the Liebster Award:

Award rules:

1.Pingback to the person who nominated you.

2. Answer their questions.

3. Make up new questions.

4. Nominate 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers.

I answered my questions on my Awards page, but here are the 11 questions for the Nominees:

  1. What is your favorite color? Why?
  2. Have you ever been in love?
  3. If you could change 3 things about yourself, what would you change?
  4. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
  5. Do you have any pet peeves?
  6. What would you do for a Klondike Bar?
  7. Have you ever gone skinny dipping?
  8. Do you have any embarrassing pet names?
  9. What’s your favorite season?
  10. Are you a dog or cat person? Or neither?
  11. What’s the worst gift you’ve ever gotten? for the Lovely Blog award, you just have to post 7 things about yourself that aren’t on your about me page! (Mine are listed on my awards page)

Again..sorry for the crazyness of this post, I really wasn’t sure how to tackle these at the same got a bit crazy up in here y’all…message me if you’re totally confused 🙂