Baby Budget Badness!

Hey y’all!

UPDATE:So James just got his Zombie Apocalypse care package!! (It only took 10 days to ship! That’s amazing!) It’s kinda funny, cause the last couple packages have taken a month, so I sent this one for Valentines early, thinking it would just barely make it!…Oh it made it all right! I’m glad though, early is so much better than late!!

Anywho, on a separate note: All of my friends are having babies and getting married and I’m just over here like…can y’all stop! I can’t afford this!!<–notice that wording ! “I”(as in me, the friend) can’t afford “THIS” (them having baby showers & wedding showers and showers on showers on showers!) I love them all to bits and that’s the problem! I always go overboard with gifts! It never fails! I set a budget, I get to the store, and I spend a bazillion dollars and 50 cents! For example, I just finished shopping for my friends, Alex & Colten’s, baby shower. I was gonna make her a baby blanket, and buy her some onesies…this is what she’s getting:


So in the baby box galore, there’s a hooded bath towel, a 3 pack of onesies, socks, burp cloths, newborn soothies, little “converse” shoes, a pink headband,bath stuff, and a homemade blanket!

I’ve done a post on making the cotton/ minky blankets before, so I won’t go too much into the details. You can look at the original post here: Baffling Blankets. I did the same thing basically, except I pinned the fabrics wrong sides together, and sewed around with the satin blanket binding. I’m not gonna lie..the binding was a Beeotch! I later found out that I had the wrong thread in the machine, which is why my machine kept jamming, and why I couldn’t sew a straight line for my life! Once the thread was changed it went together like butter!





Gift Wrapping Wonder


Well hello there lovelies!

I got a couple more of my presents in the mail today from my previous online shopping frenzy! I decided to wrap this one up in a traditional fashion, with a little of a upcycled, budget friendly spin. My friend is becoming a new mommy in March, and I wanted to get her a Christmas gift to represent that, but not be too obviously motherly, because she is still a cool and hip lovely lady! Also something she could pass on to her daughter if she felt the need to. So, I got her a little golden necklace with a baby bird. It sounds weird but it’s actually really adorable! I got it off ebay, but I saw later that the owner has a shop on Etsy called Irin Skye (and y’all know how I feel about etsy).

Little bird necklace

But now back to business. The necklace shipped in a little jewelry box so I used that as my base for wrapping:

  1. Cut a brown paper lunch bag so that it lays flat.
  2. Trim the bag to fit, and wrap your box however you like. I like to wrap the box  in tube type shape and then push the middle of the sides in and fold the top and bottom toward the middle to create the end folds.
  3. Wrap your ribbon of choice around your box. (This is completely optional)

Now for the bow:

  1. Start with a sheet of paper (I used mad libs pages) and cut them into strips about 3/4 of an inch in width.
  2. Cut your ribbon to the same size and pinch the ends together to form the bow loop shape.
  3. Staple the end of the bow piece, making sure to catch both the paper & the ribbon so that the ribbon doesn’t slip.
  4. Cluster 4 of your completed bow loops and staple in the middle.
  5. Make another cluster of 4, and hot glue the two together.
  6. Use your hot glue to attach the button to the center to cover up the staples.
  7. Stick your completed bow onto your wrapped box! (I again used hot glue)

And there ya go! One aesthetically appealing (and affordable) way to wrap a thoughtful gift! …Now I just have to find a box to ship it in…