She’s The Mann…Wait, What?


I’m Back!! That was the longest leave of absence anyone has ever taken in their life! I’ll admit it…I got so incredibly freakin boring that I was even bored with myself! I literally own no more scrapbook paper and my cake pans got moved to the attic…someone please hit me over the head before I mentally reach the age of 99! I’m 21 years old and officially engaged to the love of my life. It has been the craziest roller coaster getting to this point (as some of you may remember..hint..scroll down a post or two). But no worries, I completely intend to fill y’all in on all of the lovely and sometimes horrific details of what you’ve missed!

Quick overview to wet your whistle, while you wait:

  1. My boyfriend proposed
  2. I turned 21
  3. Officially became a college drop out ( for the second time)
  4. Quit my job of 3 years as a hotel clerk
  5. Discovered I love working retail
  6. Learned how to Hula Hoop
  7. Also discovered how long I could go without a home cooked meal.

So are you sad you missed any of those glorious highlights?? I’m in the middle of a craft project, so I simply must run…however, I can’t leave without showing you THE ONE. Although I must warn you..he’s a cutie. So without further adieu, Please welcome, Mr.Mann πŸ™‚

My Fiance


Deployment: 1 Care Package at a Time #4


Happy day after Thanksgiving y’all!
So I got a call from my Mr.Solider this morning while I was running around my house looking for my work shirt, and he got his Thanksgiving care package!! I don’t know who’s more excited, me or him! I love making these boxes of goodies, but it’s always a little nerve racking cause there’s that little voice inside my head that wonders if he’s gonna like it, or if I officially crossed the line from “cool nerd” to “holy shiznitz my girlfriend’s weird”.Β  So…I’ll let you decide today…

I decided to go with a Fall/Thanksgiving theme for this one, since it’s Fall and..well it was Thanksgiving, but it’s not my fault his post office was closed yesterday! But can we take a minute to admire my timing skills? I sent him a package for Thanksgiving, and had the post office been open, he would have gotten it either the day before, or ON Thanksgiving! BOOYAH! I’m a pro now! But anywho, I wanted to create a kind of Thanksgiving feast in snacks. So this is what I came up with:


  • Turkey Jerky = Holiday Turkey
  • Mini boxes of Craisins = Cranberry Sauce
  • Sweet Potato Chips = Sweet Potato Casserole
  • Little Pumpkin Pie Debbie Cakes = Pumpkin Pie
  • Apple Cider
  • Salted Pumpkin Seeds
  • 3 boxes of Cracker Jacks
  • Big bag of Rolos = Best candy known to man kind (His opinion)
  • 3 disc DVD set: Charlie Brown Holidays
  • Icing Packets (Oreo and S’more)
  • Cake in a Mason Jar <–Click for DIY Post
  • Thanksgiving Card (signed by yours truly)

So I found this autumn leave scrap booking paper, and I thought it was adorable!! It turned out toΒ  be kinda in your face…really in your face…but I thought it was still cute! So then I cut out the little triangles out of some hay patterned paper (I know, totally matches, NOT) and fashioned them into a banner of sorts that elegantly states “I Love You”. Then I made these little “Why I’m Thankful for You” cards on my computer (I may make a post about them at some point) and stuck them around the flaps of the box. I don’t think this man ever has to question if I love him, just by the amount of crafts I make him that say so!

Mason Jar Madness!

I gave in! My boyfriend has been begging me to send him some baked goods in his next care package. I was a little hesitant because it takes anywhere from a week to two and a half weeks for his packages to get to him. Now imagine baked goods after that period of time…can we say gross? I’m kind of a germaphobe, but I know that is not just me! Anywho, I did some research and kept seeing these mason jar cakes! Not only do I love anything in a mason jar (how freaking adorable!) but they stay fresh & sealed!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Whip up your favorite cake mix (boxed or homemade <-my go to yellow cake mix)
  2. Fill the jars HALF WAY. If you fill them more than that you’ll have a mess on your hands (and your oven)
  3. Place filled jars on a cookie sheet or in a cake pan so they won’t slide around .
  4. Bake the ovens at the temperature your recipe calls for. (I baked mine at 350 degrees)
  5. Special note: I have a really old oven, and these 4 jars took about 35 minutes, but it may be different for you)
  6. While your cakes are baking, boil the mason jar lids in a pot of water.
  7. Once the cakes come out of the oven, take out your lids, dry them, and use oven mitts to twist them onto the hot jars.
  8. Sit them on the counter to cool and listen for the lids to “pop” meaning that they’ve sealed.

Ok so the jars are just adorable as is! But I found some labels that are just too darn cute!! I had thought about just tying ribbon around the lids but hold onto your socks girls and check out these labels!! <–Click me!

Just an additional side note, I’m sending these in a care package, so I wrapped them in bubble wrap so they wouldn’t crack. So be careful about how you transport them because they are glass. Better safe than sorry, right?

Deployment: 1 Care Package at a Time

Care Package Pics

Hello Ladies & Gents! Welcome to the care package extravaganza!!!

Alright, so care packages..what do you think about them? Do they cost too much? Just don’t know what to put in them? Feeling a little bored with them? Well no worries cause I’m just immature enough to spice up any care package, and just enough of a college kid to be able to pull magic out of my insanely small budget! My boyfriend is deployed, and planning and putting these little boxes together really just makes my week. I’ve sent him 3 thus far and I’m working on my 4th for Thanksgiving! (I already have it all planned out!)

Deployment can be such a drag….seriously, I think I spend the majority of my time wishing my soldier was here with me and thinking how it sucks that he’s not, and how he can’t do this, and I can’t do that….so let’s just take a second to look at something that’s not so terrible…maybe even kind of…fun? Are we allowed to have that while our soldiers are away? The answer is YES!!! Care packages are probably my favorite thing to do for my friends and my boyfriend while they’re deployed! It gives me a chance to have a smile on my face, and it gives them a little something from home and a little bit of encouragment that they aren’t being forgotten. I recently sent two out, my boyfriend’s first, and my friend’s second! (No I don’t send my friend more care packages, he’s just been deployed longer lol). So they had both been complaining about how bored they were and how they wish they had brought some more dvds and things to do, and how the chow hall sucks and they wish they had some snacks….yeah…they were playing right into my game πŸ˜›
So I came up with a “Movie Night Boredom Pack” here’s a list of the stuff I sent (each one had a little bit that the other one didn’t so they both didn’t get all of this.
1) CANDY CANDY CANDY (98 cents a box)
2)DVDS (Out of the $5 bin at walmart) (Good ones though)
3)Popcorn Bowls (3 to a box $2)
4) Pack of Cracker Jacks (3 stuck together 98 cents for all three)
5)A small Nerf Gun ($10)
6) Extra Nerf Bullets ($4)
7) Water Guns ($1)
8) Glow stick Swords ($1)
9) Hot Wheels Car (98 cents)
10) Water Balloons ($1)
11) Pack of cards ($1)
12) Ritz Snack Packs (Which I packed into a tupperware container that he can use later)
13) Pringles Snack Packs (Couple different flavors that I’ve dispersed throughout the care packages)

After I played tetris trying to fit all these things in a flat rate box (college girl on a budget) I filled the extra bit with candy (bought a bag of various types from Walmart, kinda like you get around Halloween time) I’ll attach some pics of the final product πŸ˜€

The one I want to show you guys today is the first one I ever sent him, and it was around the time we first started dating. I was so worried about what I was going to send and what he would like and what would be too cheesy or just fun enough…I was all kinds of messed up over this darn box! Luckily, I had made one care package before for my “Adopt- A-US-Soldier”, and so I knew a little bit but I was able to talk with him over Facebook about things that James might like or what was “too cheesy” or what would get him made fun of. And so this time I made both of them a box, and I think they came out pretty darn amazing!

Care Package Pics